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We are still building our amazing team of teachers and contributors. Please feel free to apply as we are still taking applications.

ALL application due by March 17, 2024

Here are our contributors from 2023!

image0 (2) - Aletheia.jpeg

Aletheia Kordula

  • Instagram

Aligned Soul Sessions

IMG_6269 - Key Chancey.jpeg

Key Chancey

Conscious Connection Vinyasa

Facetune_22-01-2024-16-32-08 - Shanna Small (1).jpeg

Shanna Small

Choose Your Own Adventure:

Accessible Vinyasa Class

D6E6A7FE-2731-4D70-9CAD-84273487F38C - Kat Harmon.jpeg

Kat Harmon

  • Instagram

Chakra Dance

CD4E4426-C874-408E-ABFF-78C066CD9BEF - Jax Hendrickson.jpeg

Jax Hendrickson

Igneus Self Defense

75402134_10157731569779583_5149141698814672896_n - Melissa Green Music.jpg

Melissa Christopher Green

SolarFlow Vinyasa Yoga

IMG_1637 - Abby Mallard.jpg

Abby Mallard

  • Instagram

Learning to Love Your Body

IMG_0571 - Dr.Charryse Johnson.jpeg

Dr.Charryse Johnson, L.C.M.H.C., RYT 500

Healing Through Movement: Trauma-Informed Yoga for Stress, Anxiety, & PTSD

Grace Millsap.JPG

Grace Millsap & Zen Within

  • Instagram

Grace's passions are rooted in science, nature, and equaility for all - which are infused into each class she offers.

Jason Kierce.jpeg

Jason Kierce

Big Love Yoga Barn

Jason makes yoga fun and inspirational, Big Love

jane ritz.jpg

Jane Ritz

New Earth Creator, Cacao Goddess, Galactic Shaman, Quantum Yogi


Jasmine Vializ

Passionate, creator committed to inspiring others to find healing, transformation & joy. Mama of Dancing Lotus Yoga + Arts

Jax Hendrickson.jpeg

Jax Hendrickson

Women’s Foundational Self Defense

ONE Fest LOGO F-02 (2)_edited.png

Johnna Smith

Para Yoga Teacher, Authorized L2 Ashtanga (SYC), Ayurveda Health Coach 

Justin Folk.jpeg

Justin Folk

Through Acro open access to possibility, connection and creation no matter your experience.

Kailey Zahurones.jpeg

Kailey Zahurones

Creatot of KindredMotion: Movement with kindness. Curious, Creative, Community.

Kat Harmon.jpeg

Kat Harmon

Self Love Guide and Community Connector

Kate Stall.jpeg

Kate Stall


"I help people uncover their confidence & step into their purpose."

Soca Fit Keisha B.jpeg

Keisha Bridgeman

Leader of fitness in the form of Caribbean Dance 

Kelly B.jpeg

Kelly Barnes

FLOWW helps you reach your health and fitness goals and brings out the wellness warrior within!

Key Chancey - Key Chancey.jpg

Key Chancey

Creating space for spiritual exploration

Kiesha Battles.jpg

Kiesha Battles

Kiesha (she/her), a full-time yoga teacher and trainer, has a respected and well-deserved reputation in the national yoga community and is a codirector of the Yoga Retreat for Women of Color™

ONE Fest LOGO F-02 (2)_edited.png

Lauren Lapoint

Yoga & Breathwork Teacher


Victoria E. Martinez

Higher Education for Yoga & Ayurveda


We are still building our amazing team of teachers and contributors. Please feel free to apply as we are still taking applications. 

ALL application due by March 17, 2024

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